Big News

Our fabulous adventure at Palisades Vineyard has concluded. We thought we'd share a few things we'll miss, and a few we won't.

What We'll Miss

  • Sharing the profound beauty, serenity and history of the property with family and friends.
  • Using a witch to find water that lasted 20 years.
  • The edgy promise of wildness all around us, every day.
  • The brilliant moonrise breaking over our southern ridgeline.
  • Our steadfast and talented winemaker, Gary Brookman, and our vineyard manager, Jim Munk.
  • The big barn.
  • Deep quiet.
  • A blanket of snow in the vineyard.
  • Our 5 fearless cats.

What We Won't:

  • Rattlesnakes at the back door.
  • Living on the edge of a wildland fire area.
  • Old pipes.
  • Worrying about the size of the crop.
  • Wondering if there's water in the well.

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