Carver Sutro in 2017: Our Wines Are Built to Last

It's fortunate our wines have stay power, particularly now that our 2012 vintage is the last Carver Sutro to hit the market.

We are reminded of Robert Parker's December, 2010, comments about 3 of our earlier vintages:

"... I tasted three older vintages, the 2004, 2002 and 2001, and all three will overload your senses. They are all fabulous wines that are evolving at a glacial pace. To reiterate, Petite Sirah is California's most underrated and long lived varietal." Wine Advocate, Issue 192, page 14.

Even though it is pretty well proven that most people drink their wines shortly after its purchase, we are beginning to understand that for those of us who are interested in following the development of fine wines, our wines are likely to be satisfying for years to come.

Carver and Sutro are officially LOCALS!

Anne and Denis have lived close to Calistoga for 25 years. Startling! City slickers turned country. For most of those years we lived a mere 1/2 mile outside the city limits, so we have not only been "outsiders" but "out-of-towners" as well. But, through a shared and deep commitment to our town and valley, we've made many close friends and dedicated a lot of time to improving our community. Now having passed our vineyard to new owners, we've chosen to live inside Calistoga's city limits. We are very happy to be in town, where we wave across the street at neighbors and where every time we turn on a faucet we know there will be a ready supply of water!

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